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Weighing In

I went to Curves today. It was closed on Monday, so I couldn't go. Well, anyway, I weighed and measured today, and I've got some great results. They are as follows:

Weight: 185 (lost 5 lbs)
Breast: 43 (lost 1 inch)
Middle: 39 (lost .5 inches)
Abs: 44 (lost 5 inches)
Hips: 49 (gained .5 inches)
Thy: 26 (gained 1 inch)
Arm: 12 ((lost .5 inches)
Body Fat: 38 (lost about 2% body fat.

I wonder if the gain in hips and thies had to do more with muscle building? The body fat percentage was actually an estimate because our little machine wasn't working today, and I just looked at my past records to figure out about how much various measurements and weights affect my body fat. So there you have it. Over all, I'd say I lost quite a bit over the past two weeks or so. Honestly, I don't really feel it because I just don't. And the girl who measured me was new, so I wonder if she did the measurements right. I double checked her on a couple of occasions, and I double checked the weight, which was less, so no matter what, I'm still doing something right.

I've been kind of weighing in on another subject that I feel is important to talk about in this community. My room mate is also trying to lose weight. He just joined weight watchers and is having excellent success. Anyway, weight loss has become a hot topic around my household. Being that there's equal representation of both sexes in my house, I've done a lot of thinking about the end goals of weight loss and how they affect us. My room mate says he wants to lose weight because it'll allow him to be fit enough to exercise properly and to bulk up so he can participate in things like Martial Arts, and he just wants to live well. Being "attractive" is somewhat secondary to him. He feels that if he takes good care of himself, he'll have an easier time finding a woman who takes good care of herself. When I look at why I want to lose weight, I'm startled by the results of my reflection, and I think it speaks volumes to how society shapes us. I'll be honest and tell you that I feel that if I lose weight, I'll be more desireable to a member of the opposite sex. Frankly, I don't think I'm alone here. I think that by in large, the average male wants to be fit for reasons of sport and activity, and females hope to lose weight to be desireable to men. Honestly guys, that really concerns me for a lot of reasons including psychological health, and social and political empowerment. When I was a kid, I never worried about being desireable, and I never worried too much about weight. And, for the most part, I didn't really have a weight problem. Then, one day, it's like all of those blasted media messages just came crashing down on my head, and I'm definitely feeling the strain of them now. In short, I think that this needs to be addressed in our community as well as at our local Curves branches. Women are obviously so much more than attractive figurines for men. And, if our reasons for losing weight stem from social related issues and a desire for activity, we're so much more than that, too. I'm not sure if there's a correct reason for losing weight except that being healthy, and notice I don't say thin, allows us to live longer and better lives and to ultimately have better self-esteems because we're living well. In closing, here's a line from a song that kind of caught my attention this morning. "I hear you're losing weight again, Mary Jane. You ever wonder who you're losing it for?"
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