stillhisangel (stillhisangel) wrote in curves4women,

Day three

I'm really proud of myself that I'm actually sticking to this lowered number of carbs. I am a huge carb fiend so it's been tough, but last night I did not give in to the wonderful looking seafood salad at the meeting, and Matt's been getting better about trying not to eat that stuff in front of me. It's still hard at work, but it's getting easier. I've discovered that chewing gum keeps me from wanting to put food in my mouth. Unfortunately, I don't like to drink water with gum in my mouth, but I don't always chew gum so I'm still getting my water in. This is day three of the lowered carb count. Now if only I could get a better night's sleep, I think I'd have more energy. I'm getting tired of writing everything down ... I know I need to though. It's just annoying. And I'm trying not to get too confident. We're going to my mom's house this weekend, and I know we'll be hanging out with friends and food is ALWAYS involved when we get together. Food and alcohol. Eek.
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