purfectlyflawed (purfectlyflawed) wrote in curves4women,

9 Week Weightloss Goal!

Ok I see that no one has posted for a while so I will:

I am trying to lose 30 pounds in 9 weeks. I know it is almost extreem but I am trying to do it right.

So far So Good. This weekend I ate exceptionaly well, excluding the one night I had a toco salad from Toco Bueno. I did go and work out yesterday. Yesterday I ate a McDonalds, but all I had there were 2 snack wraps. Then I had my carrots and my two Kashi Go Lean Granola Bars and My Kashi Go Lean Cereal. I am very proud of my self, last night I did not eat anything after 6 PM. Besides fast food, eating at night is one of my problems. I think this is going to go well. Wish me luck.
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