purfectlyflawed (purfectlyflawed) wrote in curves4women,

My Tuesday

So did really well yesterday. Ate Carrots, lots of carrots. I have been snaking on Kashi Go Lean, dry no milk. Gives me somthing crunchy to eat, when I am craving it, but they are Fiber twigs and Soy protine Grahams. Ummmm Healthy. I worked out at Curves yesterday ( 2 days in a row) then I walked for 30 min and then did some cardio last night. Last week I set it up with curves where they will call me every day to come work out ( except for sat and sun) and on Fridays to weigh in. Kind of holding me accountable. If I have that, then I am usually pretty good about doing things. You guys are more then welcome to chim in too if you see me slipping.

Before fat pictures. Will post more in a couple of weeks.
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