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The 30 Minute Workout for Women!!

The 30 Minute Workout for Women!!

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Hello and Welcome to Curves 4Women!

This community is for women that already belong to Curves or for woman interested in joining !

What is Curves?
Curves is a weight loss/workout facility that is especially designed for women. They specialize in a 30 minute "Quickfit" workout with
tremendous results.

Just 30 minutes?
With there bi-directional equipment (meaning that as you push you get resistance and as you pull in the opposite direction, you also get
resistance) that is intermixed with our cardio workout allows you to do so much in 30 minutes.

This Sounds Really Hard, How difficult is it?
Actually, the workout is quite easy. Once or twice through the circuit will make experts of most women, but there is always a friendly staff member to assist you if you forget how to use the equipment. The equipment does not have pins or weight stacks to fumble with but rather automatically adjusts to how hard you are pushing/pulling with your arms, legs or stomach.

How Do I know How Long To Stay at Each Station? They have popular music playing, just loud enough to motivate you (everything from Broadway show tunes to Cheryl Crow) but not loud enough to drown out the numerous conversations that take place during the workout. Also, they have a cue tape that tells members to "change stations" every thirty seconds. Someone described it as musical chairs with weight equipment.

What muscles are worked out? Curves has equipment to work on the stomach (including the obliques), Arms (including Bicept, tricept), shoulders, back , and legs including quads, hamstrings and the butt. So you'll always get a total body workout.

What About Curves Diet?
Gary Heavin has put out a new diet book guaranteed to be on the best sellers list. Some Curves teach you the basics of how weight is gained and how to acquire new eating habits. They also teach you how to get to your goal weight and still eat like a normal person (instead of 900 calories of cardboard a day) This "permanent results without permanent dieting" is the foundation for millions women across the country to lose weight.

To find a Curves near you, go to there official website at: http://www.curvesinternational.com