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CurvesSmart and the stretching machines

But not in that order.
First, I love the stretching machines. When I was visiting my family in Louisville, KY, the Curves I went to on Preston Hwy had one and I stared at it in fascination the entire workout and then they showed me how to work it.


I mean, I thought I stretched, but....apparently not really. That machine helped me stretch out places I didn't even know I had. It felt awesome. I came home very depressed that we didn't have one. Then, this week, I was visiting the Cape, and the Curves there had it too, and CurvesSmart.

Between times, I'd spoken with our club owner (at least I think she's the owner) and they are getting CurvesSmart, (although if you ask me, it would be better to get the stretching machine, even if it means adjusting the entire club layout to find a place for it. The Curves in Falmouth has a dreadful layout, generally, but they manage to fit in everything and still have mostly enough room to get from machine to machine.

I'm not sure how I feel about CurvesSmart. It wasn't totally working at Falmouth. While I was getting my workout, one woman's card went wonky and needed to be reset. The club I go to on weekends (Sunday hours!), which is owned by the same woman who owns my home club, implemented CurvesSmart and it seems neat, but I'm not sure I see the 5$/month value add. I appreciate the value of paying for information, but, and maybe this is the part of me that hates change talking, I like Curves the way it was: the pauses to take your heart rate (which you don't do anymore because the steppers do heart rates), and the lack of focus on number of reps. CurvesSmart seems like it would focus attention on number of reps and distract people from their workout.

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